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Bitcoin Faucet

This is a faucet of information. We aim to get you started by helping you to earn your first bitcoins. Cryptocurrency is a revolution and we hope that after visiting some of these sites you will be as enthusiastic about it as we are. Our own faucet is under construction, currently we just manually give out rewards to those sharing links to valuable websites and have a list of other sites where you can get bitcoins quickly.


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Energy Faucet

Sep 21, 2013 |
MyFaucet installation. Get a dispense every 5 minutes to your Inputs.IO off-chain address. Ad stuffed, be careful not to click 'download' on anything. ... Read more

Bitcoin - Original Whitepaper (PDF)

Sep 23, 2013 |
Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system by Satoshi Nakamoto. This is where it all started. Description of the Bitcoin protocol and solution to the double spending problem. ... Read more

Bitcoin Street

Sep 21, 2013 |
Get 0.0015 bitcoins. In return you have to provide your phone number and agree to receive occasional SMS messages advertising Bitcoin related services. ... Read more


Sep 21, 2013 |
Earn free bitcoins just for chatting. Web based chat with different rooms. ... Read more


Sep 23, 2013 |
The most popular web wallet out there. Quick to set up, no e-mail confirmation required, transactions are created on the client side, ability to export and import private keys. ... Read more

BETwitter - Bet bitcoin on Twitter tweets

Mar 20, 2015 |
BETwitter is a place to bet coins on the amount of words tweeted. A robot places bets automatically on random sides, making BETwitter a good place to get coins with virtually no risk. This means that ... Read more


Feb 13, 2016 |


Sep 23, 2013 |
Web wallet that requires no registration. Simplistic design without various features (dead man's switch, email transactions, import private key). ... Read more

Bitcoin Explained

Oct 12, 2013 |
Great video with pretty visuals. A good choice for anyone new to the world of bitcoins. ... Read more

Rollin - Bitcoin dice - Low house edge

Aug 12, 2014 |
Rollin is a crypto currency based online casino. It offers Bitcoin dice gaming with a low house fee. #features -provably fair -Instant Play -No Registration / account needed -Simple Gameplay ... Read more

Double Spending Whitepaper (PDF)

Sep 23, 2013 |
Double spending is when a bitcoin is spent twice and one transaction is never confirmed. Doing it is simple and hard at the same time. This paper presents how it is done and examines the mechanics in ... Read more


Sep 22, 2013 |
Peer to peer marketplace in the United Kingdom where you can buy bitcoins from trusted sellers in a matter of minutes. Bank transfer, Ukash, Pingit, Pay Your Contact, OKPay and other payment methods ... Read more


Sep 23, 2013 |
The official and most widely used software wallet. Bitcoin-QT is the reference client. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac. ... Read more

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

Oct 5, 2013 |
A somewhat technical explanation on how Bitcoin works behind the curtains. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Bitcoin. ... Read more

Try Bitcoins

Sep 23, 2013 |
Try bitcoins! Learn the very basics in 5 minutes. How to create and use wallets, send and receive bitcoins, what to pay attention to. ... Read more


Sep 23, 2013 |
Secure lightweight Bitcoin client for use on your computer. Windows, Mac and Linux are supported. ... Read more


Sep 23, 2013 |
Easy to use Bitcoin client software. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, OSX and Android. ... Read more


Sep 23, 2013 |
USD based Bitcoin exchange. Accepts SEPA deposits. Low trading fees, deposits by SEPA or international wiretransfer. Inter exchange deposits, live order book. ... Read more

New to Bitcoin? Start here!

Sep 23, 2013 |
A long post about Bitcoin on Bitcointalk aimed at helping people to understand what Bitcoin really is and how it works. Recommended for the more technical oriented people. At the bottom there is a ... Read more

Listen to Bitcoin

Sep 23, 2013 |
Listen to Bitcoin transactions as they happen on the Bitcoin network! A bubble pops up and makes a sound every time coins are sent or a block is mined. ... Read more